Your First Year

The goal of First Year Programs is to empower first year students to persist to graduation.

As a new student, you and your family will gain valuable information about yourself, the campus and the EKU community during Orientation, Colonel Camp, and New Student Days.

Furthermore, overall satisfaction with college life is an important factor in completing your college studies. To make sure you are welcomed, celebrated and supported during your first year EKU offers:

The first few weeks of becoming a Colonel may be a little confusing for new students, especially with keeping schedules straight. By downloading and using “Involvio,” a student created phone app, students can see their schedule for many student activities on campus including New Student Day Events, EKU athletic, Student Life, and Campus Recreation events.  In addition to seeing events in calendar format, students will be able to view any Facebook events they have been invited to, as well as any events in their phone calendar.  Not only will you be able to see what is going on and when, but WHERE. In the event description, you can select the location, and it will map where you need to go (no more getting lost)! 

Sign in through Facebook, select “Eastern Kentucky University” as your school.  You are able to see who else is attending what events, and can “recommend” an event to any of your friends on Facebook.

For more information (or to download the app), go to  

You can also download the app from the app store, just search “Involvio.”